GRINTIMATE PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD, owner of advanced patented hydrostatic spindle technology, is a world-leading designer and specialized manufacturer of high-precision grinders and vertical lathes. We have developed exclusive technologies for hydrostatic spindles, hydrostatic rotary worktables, and hydrostatic guideway modules that are specialized, hard to substitute, and widely used in machine tools for a wide variety of applications.

We strive to provide high-precision, high-quality, low-wear, and environmentally friendly machine tools to our customers. We create uniqueness and high efficiency to help them enhance their competitiveness and lower their costs.

The company mainly provides the best hydrostatic grinding and sub-micron elaboration solutions to which our customers may add robotic arms so they may compete for a piece of the action in the era of smart factories in Industry 4.0 with comprehensive and compelling turnkey solutions.