Hydrostatic Techniques

Hydrostatic Rotary Worktable

Φ600 table with a load capacity of >10000KG.

Static stiffness of at least >400kgf/μm, makes it ideal for heavy cutting.

The independent but fully hydrostatic axial and radial movement mechanisms enable our hydrostatic rotary worktables to remain stable and vibrate very little, even under the stress of eccentric and high centrifugal forces.

The non-contact design of our worktables enables its operator to easily with a mere finger handle a 10,000 KG workpiece.

Runout <1μm and maintain the load capacity of 10000KG.

Revolution range of phaseless control adjustments:0-1000 R.P.M.

Hydrostatic Spindle

Maintain roundness 0.5μm in 5 years’ services and 0.9μm after 10 years’ service; and cylindricity 1μm/300mm.

Low friction, no wear and superb vibration reduction.

A sophisticated system of hydrostatic lubrication, cooling, and flow controller helps steady the pressure, elevate the precision of feeding and positioning, and hence improve the quality of products.

Our exclusive patented hydrostatic spindle minimizes the deformation of materials.

The high rigidity of our hydrostatic spindle both radially and axially enables our spindles to produce a wide range of finishes-from speedy heavy cutting of >0.5mm to mirror-like finish-with the optimal surface roughness of Ra. <0.02µm comfortably in between.

Due to the high stiffness of the hydrostatic spindle, the grinding wheel is rated up to Ø455x350x228.6. One-feed grinding boosts grinding capacity and machining efficiency tenfold, greatly cutting down machining time and labor costs.

The high damping of our hydrostatic spindle system completely absorbs the kinetic energy that grinding may produce.

Hydrostatic Guideway

Low friction and low wear.

Low consumption of horse power.

High stiffness and high precision.

High capacity and high damping.

Without stick-slip phenomenon.

Geometric error averaging capability.