The current development of high-precision machines is moving toward high speed and, most importantly, high accuracy. Therefore, the three major factors that affect high-precision machines are the blade spindles, tool spindles, and the stability of the transmission system.

Reduce Vibration

Vibration is one of the main factors that influence the processing quality. To reduce the vibration of machine parts becomes the main target to design high-precision machines.

Vibration comes from:
(1)Grinding Spindle (2) Transmission mechanism (3)Feed Mechanism (4) Machine Bed

The key to the improvement of the three major factors’ performance is vibration. Hence, the main purpose of the hydrostatic bearing technology is to reduce the slight vibration caused by traditional bearing.

Extend Service Life

The non-contact characteristic of hydraulic oil film not only substantially reduces the vibration and waste due to the relative motion but also highly improves the operation precision and the service life of product.

Enhance and Stabilize the Accuracy

The main principle of hydrostatic bearing technology is to transfer the high-pressure fluid into uncompressed oil film which has the high damping characteristic from specialized hydraulic units. Always stays in the non-contact situation no matter under the situation of switch on, operate or switch off-leads to the characteristics of high precision, high stiffness, high loading capacity and long using period. Due to the geometric error averaging capability of hydraulic oil film, the precision of spindle can easily reach to 1μm.

Advantages of Hydrostatic Techniques